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Survival through the Storm of the ‘Double Reductions’

Yi Magazine September 10, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Dec.1

The storm of “Double Reductions,” educational policies China carried out in 2021 which aimed to cut excessive homework and off-campus tutoring, will change little in the landscape of the country’s educational fairness when competitive entrance exams for both high schools and higher education remain. Leading extracurricular educators including Tomorrow Advancing Life and New Oriental Education & Technology Group are struggling to survive by providing one-to-one tutoring, online teaching and changing target markets. Tens of thousands of tutors who lost their jobs are seeking new roles, such as teaching while engaging in livestreaming sales. Private schools have adopted reforms like teacher exchanges with public schools. The policy also deprives private schools of independent recruitment in cities like Shanghai, and those relying too much on academically excellent students may have to close down.