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Robert Carl Cohen, the first American to film a documentary in the People’s Republic of China, talks with NewsChina about his 1957 ‘forbidden journey’ during the Cold War

During the Sino-Japanese war, over a million cultural relics belonging to Beijing’s Palace Museum (the Forbidden City) were secretly transported from Beijing to southern China to avoid looting. Some were taken to Taiwan by the Kuomintang government in the late 1940s, and while most of the rest were returned to Beijing, a significant number of artifacts remain in Nanjing to this day

The restoration of Prince Kung’s Mansion, one of Beijing’s best-preserved imperial residences, has taken a total of 28 years. NewsChina looks into why the project remains tricky to negotiate

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While Peking opera fans in China have shriveled in number over the past few decades, the art form has received a warm reception in foreign countries like Germany, giving experts hope the tradition can be revived on the domestic stage