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Beijing’s new international airport, located 46 kilometres south of downtown Beijing, will start trial operations in October 2019.

China has introduced a major government overhaul to make its bureaucracy better-structured, more efficient and service-oriented.

According to statistics from consultancy firm IHS Markit, China has installed 176 million surveillance cameras in both public and private areas, and the number is expected to hit 626 million in three years. Surveillance cameras are installed at home mainly for security or to keep an eye on children when parents are at work.

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In 1983, Shanghai Volkswagen, a joint venture between SAIC Motor and the Volkswagen Group, rolled out the Santana brand, a car popular on the Chinese market for more than two decades.

According to a recent report released by LinkedIn on Chinese employees’ investment in education, 44.85 percent of office employees in China were worried because their professional skills were not improving, and 45.62 percent of employees tried to pursue higher salaries through self-investment in education and training programmes.

On December 23, 2017, an environmental inspection team sent by the central government publicly criticized the Hainan provincial government’s obsession with developing real estate and other projects that come at a huge cost to the local ecosystem.