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China has published updated regulations on its highway network, but will the new rules stamp out the enthusiasm for ever more loss-making roads?

Former chief of China’s National Bureau of Statistics Ma Jiantang shares his insights over the credibility issue with China’s official economic data and the measures the government is taking to address it

Competitive neutrality is expected to stimulate China’s SOE reforms and build confidence among Chinese private businesses

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Top economist says the best way to bolster the private sector is creating a level playing field in which the market will play a pivotal role in resource allocation

After an elite elementary school divided its campus with a steel fence to separate its students from those of a relocated school catering to students from migrant families, the backlash from both sides focused attention on the imbalance of educational resources

Changchun, China’s Detroit in the country’s northeast rust belt, is regaining its economic momentum. What can it teach other cities in the region?