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After a number of officials were found guilty of accepting large bribes for costly cosmetic services, experts are calling out the toxic culture within China’s officialdom that excessively values appearance and beauty

For decades, China’s extensive network of highways has largely remained toll-free. However, local governments are pushing harder than ever before for tolls to help cover costs and pull them out of debt

Overworked and underpaid, Chinese doctors are looking to a new medical reform to increase their wages, while hospitals are trying different ways to increase revenues and share them with medical staff

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Chinese villages have been warned to rein in their debt, largely due to vanity projects and failed businesses, which could scupper rural revitalization, experts warn

Amid demographic and economic transformation, China is relaxing its once-rigid household registration system to expand social benefits to new urban residents

Seeking to gain a technological lead amid increasing concerns over the risks AI poses, countries worldwide are rushing to legislate AI management while trying not to hinder development