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The Chinese government vows to standardize the imposition of fines at the local level to tackle practices of leveraging fines to boost local government revenue

Rural residents are giving the cold shoulder to a once-lauded healthcare scheme, blaming increased premiums and not enough coverage. Meanwhile, officials face pressure to sign up reluctant payers

As corruption crackdowns continue, bribery is becoming more clandestine, with officials accepting gifts of artworks or selling their own to bribers. The loopholes in the art market need to be closed, experts say

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China’s major staple producers are lagging in economic growth, especially compared to areas that rely on them to support their local populations. As subsidies from the central government fall short of filling these regional gaps, calls to retool the farmer compensation policy are cropping up

As an increasing number of dispossessed rural women fight for their rights, the central government has adopted a proactive approach in safeguarding women’s equal access to land

After a number of officials were found guilty of accepting large bribes for costly cosmetic services, experts are calling out the toxic culture within China’s officialdom that excessively values appearance and beauty