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Following new legal guidance that toughens sentences for child abusers, people are calling for judgments to be reassessed after a principal of a special needs school, convicted of abusing his students, is believed to have been sentenced too lightly

Beyond crackdowns, China’s grain reserve system needs radical systemic reform and supervision to fight rampant corruption

At least 13 hospital executives have been found guilty of corruption this year, raising concerns among experts over China’s abilities to fight fraud and bribery in its medical system

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In the run-up to Taiwan’s leadership election next year, the dueling visits paid by Tsai and Ma to the US and the Chinese mainland show two choices as the island finds itself caught in a precarious position

Corrupt officials are resigning or retiring early to evade prosecution, and the long arm of the law is still reaching for a solution

The downfall of Li Tie, former star player and coach of China’s national men’s soccer team, under suspicions of wrongdoing has started a domino effect, with multiple senior figures under investigation, as fans hope it will lead to sweeping reform