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A middle-aged police officer decided not to wait for high-tech equipment, like a safe ladder, and scrambled up in his loafers, followed by a firefighter. “Nothing here,” they exclaimed. It was pretty embarrassing.

As a good guest in this country, I agreed to what I assumed would be a quick snap. I think that guy must have taken about 50 shots of us from various angles. The weirder part was that the girl got rather too close for comfort the whole time, squirming into different poses while I stood stock still, frankly freaked out

Now it’s easier to have Swiss chocolate and Scottish salmon delivered to my door than trying to find a remaining local grocery store or vegetable market

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At the nearby Huaqing Hot Springs resort, there was another five-star toilet, and it had an enormous marble lobby resplendent with a rather large fish tank

I was the only person on the slope, while every other slope I could see had dozens of people. Also, it would soon become so steep I couldn’t see the bottom

Back home you may see the odd kiss on the street, but generally speaking you’re only going to come across full-on public displays of affection at teenage dive bars or at airports