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China’s State Council has ordered reductions in import taxes on foreign goods either brought into or mailed to the Chinese mainland by individuals from April 9.  

China’s Ministry of Finance and the State Taxation Administration (STA) announced on January 18 a set of inclusive tax reduction policies mainly targeting small enterprises. 

Chinese netizens are calling for the release of a Hebei Province couple charged with killing an armed intruder who had a history of stalking their daughter.

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China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) issued a new Negative List for Market Entry (2018 Version) on December 25, the first time a unified negative list for market access has been rolled out nationwide. 

Police detained a Chinese man in Thailand after he allegedly killed his wife to collect millions in life insurance policies.

China’s moon probe Chang’e-IV successfully entered lunar orbit on December 12, one more step toward the world’s first soft landing on the far side of the moon, which is never visible from Earth due to the moon’s synchronous rotation.