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A building collapse killed 53 people in Changsha, Hunan Province on April 29, causing great public concern about illegally built or extended buildings.

With the rise of abusive anti-counterfeit practices among China’s fake-goods hunters, some of the country’s well-known consumer crusaders wonder if there is still a future for them

Despite its acclaimed educational approach and reputation, a groundbreaking preschool for migrant workers’ children in Beijing remains trapped by status and financial dilemmas

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A three-year action plan to promote employment for people with disabilities was approved by the General Office of the State Council.

China’s sharply declining birth rate means maternity wards are seeing fewer patients, resulting in fiercer competition between public and private hospitals

Lawmakers are trying to address childcare issues and how to raise the status of stay-at-home parents, while others call for long-term solutions like women-friendly workplaces