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Camping in the wilderness also crossed our minds, but we doubted our ability to survive a night outside without Wi-Fi

I think most non-native speakers dread this experience, having to have a spontaneous conversation in public sprung without warning and with highly critical witnesses who will absolutely judge you for every wrong tone or odd collocation

While spending hours at the gym, it dawned on me that while I had been taking good care of my body below the neck, I had neglected the part that is actually on display

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Indeed, what could be more Chinese than a strawberry crisp pizza, a peach and cream sandwich, cucumber flavor crisps, or a cheese and sea salt chocolate bar?

Frankly, I was so wrapped up in clothing that I couldn't bend over to retrieve dropped chalk and I appointed a monitor in the classroom to do so for me

Any expat in China will attest that nothing is more agonizing than switching jobs – the visa headaches, the months-long wait for your new company to sort out documentation