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Meeting Chinese friends rarely constitutes a simple chat over coffee, or walk in the park. Particularly when meeting a visiting friends, the time commitment is likely to be four hours minimum

If it’s somewhere in between, that’s where the really bad behavior is – where there’s enough fear, but not enough trust

Outside of the largest, most cosmopolitan urban centres, 24-hour dining remains a concept alien to the UK, where I grew up.

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On April 3, a video showing police working for a public security bureau ignoring the commands of a traffic police officer was widely shared online.

Just when I was beginning to think it might be quicker to conceive a child and wait till it was of reading age than try to deal with this unexpected hurdle, a member of staff inside the library saw me in the doorway and came to see what was going on

This is where confusion really sets in: surely as a collectivist society the sense of community should mean everyone is constantly sticking up for each other, but on the subway you’re met with dozens of people who live by the motto “I come first”