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My ayi (cleaner) disapproved of spending any money on putting him down, and offered to poison him for free, with a quick chuck of the body into the rubbish bin

In China it is not necessarily enough to know someone well, you also need to understand thousands of years of complex social customs to buy them a gift

He repeated it slowly in Chinese. “Ai-ya... Fire, Fire.” He then peered up at me and said those deathly words. “Say, Little Miss, have you ever heard of the four tones?”

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In the eight years, I‘ve had my pup Guozhi, I have never seen such fear in his eyes as when he stood at the front door of my building, looking at the daunting icy-cold natural lavatory in front of him

The teacher paused and stared at me with an intensity that I had not seen since my university days. She took a deep pause, I could feel my stomach twisting and turning like a tumble dryer, and she finally said, “That is a correct response, well done, Sam”

In recent years some bridesmaids have even been seen wearing QR codes around their necks for wedding guests to scan to transfer their wedding gift money