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The second red flag, major red flag, came when I arrived home to see a random guy sitting on the couch with no one else there. I asked him who he was and he said he was the subletter and asked me if I had been told about him. No, no I had not

If you live in Beijing long enough, the passing of time becomes marked by the fast-evolving landscape. Where some people see a luxury mall, you remember an old bus in an abandoned lot where people listened to reggae and drank dollar mixed drinks, or a little shop where homesick expats bought DVDs

The main pros are that Chinese parents tend to be extremely helpful around the house... the cons are that all progress you thought you had made toward becoming a secure adult is proved to be an illusion as everyone falls back into old familiar patterns

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We decided to take full advantage of this hidden gem and packed up our bags, tents, and grills to camp on the riverbank before it too got found out by the rest of the hordes scavenging Beijing for hangout spots. And it was lucky we did because the next weekend they extended the barriers so even our scooters couldn’t make it in

My in-laws and wife are deathly afraid of our baby getting cold or being exposed to wind. This will apparently lead to horrible, unspecified consequences, which are so obvious my wife and inlaws won’t list them

Soon I realized I had a disposable e-cig graveyard starting in my room and that’s when I saw an ad on my WeChat moments advertising vapes with replaceable pods and a whole range of flavors such as mung bean, mango, grape, cola, ice cream and even tomato (yes, I tried it; yes, it was terrible)