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My in-laws and wife are deathly afraid of our baby getting cold or being exposed to wind. This will apparently lead to horrible, unspecified consequences, which are so obvious my wife and inlaws won’t list them

Soon I realized I had a disposable e-cig graveyard starting in my room and that’s when I saw an ad on my WeChat moments advertising vapes with replaceable pods and a whole range of flavors such as mung bean, mango, grape, cola, ice cream and even tomato (yes, I tried it; yes, it was terrible)

Now, an accident like that or any accident might cause many people to give up scooters altogether, but I decided instead of letting my PTSD take hold, I would do my best to be more aware, wear a helmet and maybe save my Disney tunes for

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There were many nights I would sit on a rooftop, cocktail in hand looking over the glowing Beijing skyline and think “how did I get here?!” Then the pandemic hit

Similar to a comedic sketch, when my wife and her parents speak with each other, they raise their voices as if they were arguing -- because they usually are. If not, they are fishing for something to fight about, which is practically the same thing

Of course, we all have seen the “Chinglish” clothes with bad English translations, or children’s wear that has phrases they shouldn’t like “I’m so hungover”