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As efforts to preserve China’s wetlands butt up against the need to secure local livelihoods, alternative ways for conservation are being sought

Due to illegal trafficking for use in medicine and for its meat, the pangolin is on the brink of extinction. While conservationalists and wildlife authorities in China are leading efforts to breed and rescue the shy creature, the trade persists. NewsChina investigates and looks at what can be done

A Chinese foundation has announced an ambitious plan to take its tree conservation projects beyond China’s borders to nations along the Belt and Road, partly in answer to concerns over massive infrastructure projects in arid areas. Can it take root?

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Chinese scientists have traveled across the country, sampling its land-based ecosystems to gain a better understanding of how the natural world can help fight in the battle against climate change

Coral reefs are central to healthy marine ecology. But with climate change depleting these critical environments, Chinese scientists have dedicated more than a decade of work to reforesting the ocean

Modernisation has brought non-degradable material and products to the remote Tibetan plateau, buy local communities backed by NGOs have mobilised to fight the pollution choking their towns