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Low rates of dog vaccination have hindered efforts to eliminate rabies despite massive consumption of human-use vaccines – and irrational fears about the disease are compounding the problem

At the initial stages of Xiongan New Area’s development, apart from favorable administrative support, the role of the market in resource distribution will also play an important part in preventing excessive administration

Chinese doctors are being encouraged to use techniques to bring humanity back into medicine, methods which improve patient relationships and health outcomes. But is this realistic in an overburdened system?

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Private enterprises in Northeast China face more challenges than in other regions as State-owned enterprises crowd them out and the region clings to traditional industrial structures

As efforts to preserve China’s wetlands butt up against the need to secure local livelihoods, alternative ways for conservation are being sought

Speeding up construction of ‘new types of infrastructure’ is expected to provide new stimulus to China’s next round of stabilizing investment and growth