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Tens of thousands of Chinese have been lured by fake job offers to criminal hubs in northern Myanmar and other destinations in Southeast Asia to become ‘cyber slaves,’ as Interpol warns that human trafficking schemes pose a global threat

Until more cross-border cooperation is possible, victims of trafficking and their families have little way out except to pay huge ransoms to bring their children home – a cruel added scam that many cannot afford to pay

Siberian cranes have seen a huge population rebound in Poyang Lake, where they overwinter. But lack of natural food sources means they are dependent on human assistance, bringing them into conflict with farmers and destroying livelihoods

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Human-wildlife conflicts are increasing across China as certain species populations rebound. NewsChina talks with researcher Wang Fang on China’s next conservation efforts

China’s cross-border online vendors are diversifying amid growing opportunities and uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, dominance of big e-commerce platforms and sluggish overseas demand

Despite decreasing orders from traditional channels, China’s large garment manufacturers are struggling to adapt to cross-border e-commerce. While small companies are more eager to embrace it, looming shifts in the industry threaten sustainability