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The fertile black soil in northeastern China, crucial to food security, is suffering degradation and declining yields. Will a new law help protect China’s ‘giant panda soil’?

Across China, soil degradation and urban expansion have piled the pressure on farmland, threatening both quantity and quality

After strengthening its security alliance in the region, the US is seeking stronger economic partnerships to complete its Indo-Pacific strategy

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As the Biden administration doubles down on its anti-China Indo-Pacific agenda, Asia’s geopolitical and geoeconomic landscape will be further reshaped

Compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic and global uncertainties, the number of China’s college graduates has reached a record high, posing severe challenges to an already strained job market

With the gig economy boom reflecting shifts in China’s economy, NewsChina investigates the growing power that platforms wield over workers, reforms underway and the market forces at play