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Movie theaters are struggling to survive amid waves of Covid-19 lockdowns, but analysts say the pandemic has only shed light on preexisting woes – and an industry reshuffle is in order

Pandemic policies, economic downturns and supply chain disruption see the global freight shipping industry charting an unknown course

Investment will be the most important financial tool driving the Chinese economy in 2022, experts say

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Taking advantage of its resource-rich west, China’s cross-regional computing network is expected to boost local investment in new facilities. However, worries over excessive construction and sources of capital linger

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) announced on March 8 that it will turn over 1 trillion yuan (US$158.3b) in surplus profit to the central budget in 2022.

Big tech companies are reeling in their investment arms to seek new opportunities in the wake of increased oversight of monopolistic practices. What does it mean for startups and unicorns?