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The success of China’s latest war movie, Operation Red Sea, is part of a new chapter in Chinese patriotic cinema, and reveals how China’s various military branches finance films

Award-winning director of the ‘Blind’ trilogy Li Yang describes the painstaking process of getting a challenging film into theatres

Extreme Road, a documentary series telling 21 life stories of ordinary Tibetans, inspires viewers with Tibetans’ insight and wisdom concerning happiness, faith and meaning

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Lu Min, one of China’s most celebrated writers, talks with NewsChina about her latest novel, the art of writing and her keen observations of the dark side of human nature

Youth, a new art film from acclaimed director Feng Xiaogang that explores the tempestuous fate of dancers in a People’s Liberation Army art troupe during the Cultural Revolution, has rekindled nostalgia for the 1970s

Award-winning writer Liang Hong shows her persistence in observing and recording the plight of rural villagers through drastic social upheaval, cataloging their sacrifice in the name of China’s transformation