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Just How Much Money Is Needed To Raise Children?

Most parents believe they need to offer their children a shot at both material and spiritual growth

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Jul.31

A story about young parents who are unwilling to have a second child due to the cost of raising their first has sparked discussion online, China News Service reports.  

While some netizens argued a great deal of money was not needed to raise children and claimed a privileged upbringing could corrupt them, others pointed out that the costs of raising children do not merely lie in giving them cash – but in investing in their hobbies and interests, or helping them to travel and broaden their horizons. 

Most parents believe they should be able to raise children in an environment that includes both material and spiritual growth. Spiritual development, including frequent interaction and supervision, should not be overlooked, interviewees told China News Service.  

Some parents worry their children will fall behind their peers and spend a great deal of money on training and preparation courses, while others say unnecessary pressure should not be placed on children to exceed their natural rate of learning.