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New Tricks for Tomb Raiders

NewsChina, Chinese Edition November 2, 2020

By NewsChina Updated Jan.1

Tomb robbery is an ancient profession. In recent years, however, robbers have picked up some new tricks. Smart technologies and sophisticated gadgets including infrared night-vision devices and metal detectors are widely used by tomb robbers who have become increasingly resourceful, inconspicuous and professional. In 2017, Chinese law enforcement and the National Cultural Heritage Administration launched a nationwide crackdown on tomb robbery and smuggling of cultural relics, with 38 of the 42 most-wanted perpetrators having been arrested. Over the years, an illegal profit chain of cultural relic robbery and sales has formed and authorities face increasing challenges in jurisdiction and shortfall of staff to track fugitives and bring them to justice. It is crucial to cut the profit chain of tomb robbery, and professional institutions are needed to fight these professional criminals.