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Milk Tea Bubbles Up

NewsChina, Chinese Edition February 1, 2021

By NewsChina Updated Apr.1

After 30 years of development, milk tea beverages have become extremely popular among Chinese youngsters, especially those in urban areas, becoming a full-fledged industry with a market scale of over 100 billion yuan (US$15.5b). Milk tea shops sprang up in streets, and milk tea products are on the shelves of convenience stores. Milk tea is China’s Coca-Cola of this era, and it has become a phenomenon, a culture, and an icon. To woo finicky consumers, milk tea producers are putting more into the quality and taste, as well as nutritional ingredients. Office workers find milk tea a relaxing break, while young people often bond over a cup. If the popularity of coffee in China represents the pursuit of foreign cultures and new lifestyles, the ascendancy of milk tea signals growing tastes for local flavors.