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Equitable Access to Vaccines

Caixin Weekly February 8, 2021

By NewsChina Updated May.1

The coronavirus has been rampaging through the world for more than a year since the disease broke out in early 2020. As of early March 2021, the virus had infected over 117 million people, claiming over 2.6 million lives worldwide. It has inflicted colossal losses on global health and economies. It is difficult to prevent the fatal virus because it is highly contagious, spreads fast and many carriers are asymptomatic. A growing number of vaccines have been invented, providing more effective options for the international community to contain the pandemic. To date, over 360 million people worldwide have been vaccinated and Chinese vaccines were exported to and administered in more than 70 countries as of mid-March. Disparities about vaccine access between rich and poor as well as between developed and developing nations are still wide. It is time to make vaccines a global public good which are accessible and affordable to all countries.