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Reemployment of the Middle-aged

Insight China September 23, 2021

By NewsChina Updated Dec.1

Covid-19 has seen a large number of employees in China laid off, especially those above 40. According to statistics from leading job-hunting website Zhaopin, the number of white-collar job seekers aged above 35 increased by 14.9 percent year-onyear from February to September in 2020, including a 13.5 percent increase in those aged 35-49 and a 32.4 percent increase in those aged above 50. Some enterprises sought to maximize profits by downsizing, showing a lack of social responsibility. Meanwhile, some middle-aged job seekers have unrealistic job and salary expectations. China’s Labor Law prohibits age discrimination but there are no specific and detailed regulations. Middle-aged job seekers need inproved professional skills that match current job requirements and more preferential policies need to be introduced targeting the group.