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“Every hospital now requires doctors to treat diseases, write articles, win awards, teach and apply for research funding.

By NewsChina Updated Jun.1

Every hospital now requires doctors to treat diseases, write articles, win awards, teach and apply for research funding. If they could do all this, why would they stay at a hospital?”  

Du Bin, an intensive care doctor at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing, appealing for a doctor appraisal system that allows them different career development tracks, in an interview with NewsChina’s Chinese edition

“China was a closed and insular nation for a long time in ancient times. It’s essential for us to renew our understanding of our world, our neighbors and ourselves. We must learn how to fairly engage with the world and respect neighboring nationalities and states. We should avoid irrational nationalism and statism.”  

Ge Zhaoguang, professor at the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Shanghai’s Fudan University, in an interview with Beijing News in late March

“The return of many familiar American faces – our old friends – are the stock of the Sino-US relationship. As the Sino-US relationship has been through such a long difficult period, this resource is quite precious.”  

Wu Xinbo, director of the Institute of International Studies at the Shanghai-based Fudan University, in an interview with news portal guancha.cn, after a number of American politicians and businesspeople, such as Apple CEO Tim Cook and Steve Orlins, president of the National Committee of US-China Relations, visited China in late March

“Don’t think that other countries can’t do without our industrial chains. We have to take precautions for that tipping point.”  

Sun Liping, sociology professor at Tsinghua University, on his public WeChat account on April 2

“Our top-down system of command is not efficiently connected to our bottom-up system of public participation.”  

Lü Dewen, researcher at the Chinese Rural Governance Institute of Wuhan University, on why many government policies are out of touch with the public, in an interview with guancha.cn on March 30 

“We are now facing the shift from China manufacturing for European and US consumption to overcapacity in China and inflation in Europe and the US.”  

Economist Guan Qingyou on why Chinese enterprises have to expand domestic demand and extend their business abroad, in an article for financial portal Caixin on April 4  

“Some global listed enterprises are bigger than us, but Alibaba is among the few that have diversified over such a wide range of businesses. Considering this, it’s better to allow separate listings than throwing them into a single pot. Each [subsidiary] can list when it matures.” 
Zhang Yong, CEO of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba, in an internal video meeting about the company’s latest reform that divides the conglomerate into six groups and several companies  

“Most people should master all the skills they need to enter the workforce as undergraduates. If it takes several more years in a master of arts or PhD program to finish what they should have learned in their undergraduate program, they’re wasting their time.”  

Huang Zirui, who graduated in 2022 with a master’s of arts and is now working in Shenzhen, on the growing number of students applying for graduate programs, in a recent interview with China Youth Daily