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Education authorities are calling for a ban on electronic devices such as smartphones from classrooms and a reduction of app-based homework to fight myopia, or nearsightedness, among young students

China is expected to export more of its clean energy tech to countries along the Belt and Road, which will improve global energy governance, says researcher

The rate of gaming addiction among children in China is growing, particularly among the children of migrant workers left in the countryside, the China Youth Daily reported   

Digital trade significantly reduces the cost of trade and provides new opportunities, especially to emerging markets

The benefits and liabilities brought by AI are owned and undertaken by certain people

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After being long neglected, China’s top universities are lining up to offer agronomy programs in a bid to attract funding and gain higher status

What started as a celebrity spat has embroiled Fan Bingbing, one of China’s best-known and wealthiest movie actors, in a tax evasion scandal that is threatening to engulf China’s entire entertainment industry


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