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On the positive side, consumption accounted for 65 percent of per capita disposable income in the first half of the year, lower than the pre-Covid era, but much better than 2020 and 2022

NewsChina, Chinese Edition July 14, 2023

The Man in the Century July 1, 2023

Fangyuan Magazine June 15, 2023

Yi Magazine June 11, 2023

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Following new legal guidance that toughens sentences for child abusers, people are calling for judgments to be reassessed after a principal of a special needs school, convicted of abusing his students, is believed to have been sentenced too lightly

Beyond crackdowns, China’s grain reserve system needs radical systemic reform and supervision to fight rampant corruption


Through livestreamed book releases, collectible limited-editions and rebranding, publishers are creating demand for once unpopular titles – and shaping the future of the Industry

Many Chinese women are turning to overseas or unlicensed clinics to use IVF to select the sex of their child. Is the expensive procedure harming mothers and their babies?


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