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The increased education level of China’s labor force is definitely positive, although whether it can automatically turn into a talent dividend depends on whether China can achieve its goal to upgrade its economy into an innovation-driven one

NewsChina, Chinese Edition May 3, 2021

South Reviews May 6, 2021

China Economic Weekly May 30, 2021

Caixin May 17, 2021

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China is allowing couples to have three children and vows more supportive measures in response to the dramatic decline in the fertility rate revealed in its latest census

A netizen’s finding that one traffic camera had captured hundreds of thousands of violations in a year, amounting to millions of yuan in fines, led to a public backlash over the perceived profit-driven model of traffic law enforcement


After many years of development, there is still a gap in advanced math education between China’s universities and those of developed countries

With outdated management, zoos in China have yet to successfully transition from primitive exotic attractions to modern zoos


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