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NewsChina, Chinese Edition July 4, 2022

Caijing Magazine June 20, 2022

Caijing Magazine June 20, 2022

Oriental Outlook June 9, 2022

Xinmin Weekly July 3, 2022

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A new regulation seeks to further restrict the business activities of senior officials’ relatives – and experts are already pointing out loopholes

As mass Covid testing becomes China’s new normal, ensuring accuracy and fighting fraud in a booming industry are among the many challenges ahead


China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on June 28 that it was removing the asterisk from citizens’ travel and health codes, which indicates whether someone had been in a medium- or high-risk pandemic area in the past 14 days (the figure has been adjusted to seven days since July 8).

A lawsuit over facial data privacy at a residential compound in Tianjin triggered nationwide discussions about China’s weak legal protection of sensitive personal information. Experts are now calling for stricter laws


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