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A student's lawsuit against digital library CNKI raised questions about the rising costs of access to knowledge in China

Children born outside marriage should not be discriminated against, says expert

The US is likely looking to soften global opinion ahead of new sanctions on Tehran, says foreign affairs expert

Although much needed, care should be given to both the safety needs of patients and nurses, says health official

The US will not easily let go of its control in the region, and South Korea does not have a mature defense system yet

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Former chief of China’s National Bureau of Statistics Ma Jiantang shares his insights over the credibility issue with China’s official economic data and the measures the government is taking to address it

Competitive neutrality is expected to stimulate China’s SOE reforms and build confidence among Chinese private businesses


Local authorities in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, held its third press conference on November 25, 2018 in the wake of a dangerous toxic chemical leak, finally admitting that the actual amount of the leaked carbon-9, a polluting and potentially harmful fuel oil, was 69.1 tons, almost 10 times the amount initially reported by the petrochemical company.  

Accident appraisers are exaggerating and faking injury reports to extract higher compensation from insurance firms. The result is a profit chain that is proving difficult to break


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