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As China continues to upgrade its industries, there are still structural opportunities for finding new growth areas

NewsChina, Chinese Edition April 3, 2023

CEIBS Business Review January to February, 2023

Southern Metropolis Weekly February 2, 2023

Yi Magazine February 25, 2023

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In the run-up to Taiwan’s leadership election next year, the dueling visits paid by Tsai and Ma to the US and the Chinese mainland show two choices as the island finds itself caught in a precarious position

Corrupt officials are resigning or retiring early to evade prosecution, and the long arm of the law is still reaching for a solution


Through livestreamed book releases, collectible limited-editions and rebranding, publishers are creating demand for once unpopular titles – and shaping the future of the Industry

Many Chinese women are turning to overseas or unlicensed clinics to use IVF to select the sex of their child. Is the expensive procedure harming mothers and their babies?


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