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China may be in a trade war with Washington, but apparently not with some US states, observers say

Getting more people to sit for the exam is one thing. Getting more good teachers to stay on is another

The phenomenon proves the remarkable success in China’s economic transformation, writes a Chinese columnist, referring to the transfer of labor-intensive firms

China will maintain its developing country status in trade, but it wants to participate in making the rules, too

The EU and national leaders must find ways to address the problems of their people if they expect to bring Europe back on the right track, writes a European affairs expert

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Recent mass protests and violence in Hong Kong have negatively impacted its tourism, retail and transportation industries, local officials have warned. How can the economy be revived?

As protesters increasingly appeal to the US for support, it becomes clearer their claim that Beijing is undermining their freedoms has no merit


False traffic has infiltrated each corner of the internet celebrity industry thanks to the prosperous market and huge revenues it generates

AI may one day create a new realm of art and creativity. But will there be a place in it for humans?


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