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A round up of opinions from Yao Ming, Lei Jun and other personalities

By Zhang Qingchen Updated Mar.8

Players cultivated under the State-sponsored system should take part in both professional and amateur games during the pre-Olympic training, and schools should play a crucial role in the cultivation of talented athletes.” 
Yao Ming, newly-selected President of the Chinese Basketball Association and also a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), suggested during the annual session of the CPPCC in Beijing that there should be a long-term strategic plan to support the sport’s development. 

“The guardian who failed to fulfill the obligation of safe attendance should not be prosecuted with criminal liability, because it is a learning process for most young parents to see the risks while raising a child. Criminal charges indeed have a warning effect, but it is not the best choice.” 
Dong Guiwu, a law professor with the Qingdao University, spoke out against criminal charges against parents who are liable for child fatalities, on the news portal Caixin. 

“All Internet giants are talking about the importance of artificial intelligence (AI), meaning that AI is the industry trending and it will drive a new technological revolution.” 
Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO and National People's Congress deputy, called for a national strategy to develop AI at a news conference held on Monday during the country's annual legislative and political advisory meetings. 

“TV period dramas are not historical books or textbooks, and it is unreasonable to criticize all TV shows in accordance with the truth of history because the history is only the basic theme of shows and playwrights will follow the plot of story to change the narration. Instead, it is important to create figures that have positive energy and echo what young people pursue today and keep an open mind when judging Internet dramas and other new-style works.” 
Yin Hong, a media professor of Tsinghua University, stated most TV viewers favored more recent historical dramas rather than shows full of historical inaccuracies and poor storytelling, for a piece on People’s Daily Online.