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Fang Xingdong: Huawei + Facebook = Tech Perfection

Prominent Internet figure claims combination of Chinese tech giant & Californian social media behemoth could be unstoppable.

By Li Jia Updated May.12

The future of China’s Internet industry does not lie in BATs (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), but in a marriage between Chinese telecoms giant Huawei and world-leading social network Facebook, according to Fang Xingdong, founder of blog research platform blogchina.com and chairman of Internet research startup chinalabs.com. 

In a post uploaded to guancha.cn on April 22, Fang said that the vision for innovation and global development outlined in Facebook’s 10-year road map unveiled in April provides a contrast to BAT enthusiasm for easy, and sometimes even dubious, profiteering at the expense of consumers.  
In April, Huawei launched its first VR (virtual reality) headset, its first foray into an area that Facebook will also focus on in the next decade. The combination of Huawei’s technology and Facebook’s global user base, fang claimed, could lead to an open platform for Internet app developers and new operating systems, boosting the core competitiveness of leading Internet companies. 

Fang believes that a Huawei + Facebook technological alliance has the potential to outshine Google or Apple in the future.