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Meet the Mediators That Make ‘Xiaosan’ Move On

Infidelity in a marriage hurts.

By NewsChina Updated Dec.1

Infidelity in a marriage hurts. Some spouses leave, others get even. But in China, more are increasingly hiring professional mediators to convince the meddling third party – known as xiaosan (“little three”) –to look elsewhere for love. A mediator surnamed Wang told media that she has clients all over the country and persuades an average 1,000 xiaosan to break off their relationships with married people every year. For a fee, she will also help to mend broken relationships. Wang said she is like a counselor who helps the third party realize they won’t find happiness in other people’s relationships. Wang said many already realize this but do not know how to extricate themselves. Wang revealed she earns around 500,000 yuan (US$73,529) a year. However, many on social media said her well-paid job does not fix the causes of infidelity.