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Yue Wenwen’s quest to provide organic vegetables for her ill daughter has been a bountiful success.

By NewsChina Updated Jul.1

Organic Changes

Yue Wenwen’s quest to provide organic vegetables for her ill daughter has been a bountiful success. The 37-year-old mother has acquired 27 patents in organic agriculture from her base in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Yue, who has a doctorate in management science and engineering, said she had never set foot on a farm until she was 32 years old. But when her young daughter was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, a form of vasculitis, she vowed to feed her organic vegetables every day. After many detours and expert consultations, her farm now produces over 100 kinds of vegetables year-round. Yue has also branched out to agritourism. 

Web Celeb Nursing Home

When Fan Jinlin learned an elderly woman with six children could not afford space in one of his nursing homes, he got creative. The 25-year-old, who owns four adult care homes in Henan Province, invested 1.2 million yuan (US$184,615) to provide a free nursing home that would turn its residents into social media celebs, monetizing short videos about their daily lives to pay for the home’s day-to-day operations. He even added a video gaming room for livestreams, saying many seniors are curious about what young people are playing. Many on social media said they hope more nursing homes try this approach. 

To Teach a Predator

A delivery man said he paid over 10,000 yuan (US$1,540) to learn how to meet women, only to find that the company was grooming men to be sexual predators. According to the Cover News report, many similar companies offer classes in sleazy pickup artistry, teaching techniques on how to quickly establish trust and pose as wealthy men, providing them with fancy clothes and photos of luxury cars. The company even scoped out and surveilled potential targets with hidden cameras. 

Catfisher Gets Comeuppance

A romance scammer was sentenced to over 10 years in prison for conning an elderly victim out of 2.6 million yuan (US$400,000). Media reported that the victim first met the con man surnamed Li in 2016 in a chat room, where he posed as a middle-aged woman who ran a cafe in the US. An online relationship developed, during which Li convinced the elderly man to transfer many sums for investments, medical bills, real estate woes and returning to China. He only became suspicious when Li refused to meet in person several times. Netizens said the case just further proves the internet-age adage – you never know who anyone really is online.