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Air Crash Puts Airline Industry on Notice

NewsChina, Chinese Edition April 4, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Jun.1

China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crashed in mountainous terrain in Tengxian County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on March 21. All 123 passengers and nine crew members perished. The plane plunged vertically to the ground from cruising altitude more than an hour after taking off from Kunming, Yunnan Province for Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Rescue teams, firefighters, police and medical workers rushed to the scene. Psychologists also arrived to comfort bereaved relatives who traveled to the crash site. The two black boxes were found a few days later, and the data is being decoded in Beijing. A sweeping inspection across the country was launched after the accident to ensure aviation safety. The aviation industry which has already taken a hit is expected to face an even tougher time.