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Early Intervention for Youth Mental Health

Hua Sheng Guan Cha February 28, 2022

By NewsChina Updated Jun.1

The rate of children and teenagers suffering from mental health issues hit 17.5 percent across China, according to the first nationwide Epidemiological Survey on Mental Disorders among Chinese Children and Teenagers, released on World Mental Health Day on Oct 10, 2021. Among the 400 million under 18 in China, the burdens of study and pressure from parents are major causes of stress and anxiety. In the meantime, smartphones and virtual communication technologies challenge the conventional environment in which children are growing up. Parents’ reluctance to bring their children for mental health counseling has caused many young patients to miss the best timing for recuperation. Psychiatrists advise parents to treat their children’s mental health the same way as fevers – if they are treated early enough, they are likely to recover more easily than if they wait until they are adults.